Electrical Engineering Services


  • New design and existing modification
  • Inspection
  • Ground resistance testing
  • Stray voltage mitigation investigation

Transmission and Distribution line

  • New design and existing modification
  • Inspection
  • Right-of-way acquisition

Infrastructure Planning

  • Rural Utilities Service (RUS) studies
  • Long Range Plan, Construction Work Plan, Load Forecast, Sectionaling Study, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment, Emergency Restoration Plan

Resource/Generation Planning

  • Load analysis by substation/feeder/area
  • Future load analysis by development and impacts on energy resources
  • Analysis of self generation at key loads/areas
  • Analysis of existing energy Contracts coupled with load/energy optimization


  • Protection analysis
  • Relay programming/analysis/optimization
    • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL), Cooper, etc.
  • Fault and sequence of events analysis

Voltage Control

  • Voltage analysis
  • Regulator optimization and control programming
  • Capacitor optimization
  • Motor, flicker, and harmonic analysis

Project Management

  • Complete project management from on-site supervision to engineering group management through design, construction bidding, and construction
  • Supervision of existing projects and tracking project by specific and measurable milestones