Projects - Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province Afghanistan

New 15kM 20kV distribution design with interconnections to a complex 3.3kV system, with a crossing of the Helmand River, assisting the children of Lashkar Gah and the surrounding areas.

New 12/16/20MVA substation 110/20kV electrical design and upgrade of an existing 3.3kV substation

4 April 2009 pictures - Foundations, Conduits, Steel, Site view

9 April 2009 pictures - 110kV Deadend, 110kV Steel, Low voltage metering, Distribution bay

11 April 2009 pictures -Steel construction, Lightning mast, Station full view

12 April 2009 pictures - Transformer lift, Transformer move, Transformer set

19 April 2009 pictures - Transformer complete, 115kV Switch, Low Voltage Bays

25 April 2009 pictures - 20kV Bays, Recloser wiring, Engineers